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As public smoking regulations and the dangerous effects of smoking cigarettes continue to be a popular topic of conversation among smokers, attention has shifted to vaping. A flavorful and much healthier alternative to smoking, vaping is quickly becoming a widespread trend. Stay up-to-date on the latest in the vaping world by using Old Skool Vape Shop as a resource. Below you’ll find news, articles, events, tips and information on the latest vape technology.

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Look out! The FDA is trying to regulate vaping

The FDA is trying to take away vapers’ rights. They are making it harder for us to help our wonderful customers to make positive lifestyle changes, especially for those of us who need help, have a hard time learning new concepts or have physical disabilities. We are worried that these new regulations will end up forcing those people to reconsider smoking tobacco cigarettes. Protect your right to vape and learn more about the changes the FDA are attempting to make by visiting August8th.org.